Profile 🧍🏻

Between theory and practice

After my engineering degree, I wanted to do a PhD thesis to push my theoretical knowledge further. I like the idea to combine theory with practice. I stand somewhere between a researcher able to implement tangible tools and an engineer with an abstraction ability. My academic curriculum oscillated between both, and now comes closer to the latter.

Functional programming fan club

I am fond of functional programming, which is one of my main sources of motivation. I am always interested in learning new abstraction techniques to make code more elegant. Studying type theory during my PhD thesis was a way to understand languages with the most complex type systems, so that I can estimate their utility, the advantages and drawbacks that they can have in concrete projects.

To infinity and beyond

I have always been interested in applied sciences in a broad sense. I am always trying to apply my knowledge in computer science in projects with a scientific flavour and/or interesting theoretical questions, as well as some social utility. For instance, I could apply my skills in aerospace, astrophysics, climate science, ocean science, etc., which are strong point of interests for me. It is a pleasure to give meaning to my engineering work by contributing to a scientific domain or a project useful for society.

Knowledge transfer

I also like teaching and outreach. Having an applied sciences background, I think I understand the need for a teacher to propose balanced explanations: precise enough on the theoretical side so that the content of the course is scientifically true, without drowning the learner under a pile of theoretical terms, and with examples. Knowledge transfer is always present in my everyday work.

Career plan 🇳🇴

After the end of my PhD, in March/April 2024, I will join Elhub in Oslo, as a software developer. It is a Norwegian company in charge of measuring electricity consumption and production throughout the country, as well as developing an electronic platform that makes it easy for end users to visualise their data and change energy suppliers. It will be my first experience abroad after my PhD, where I will discover a new culture and a new language, and I will work on interesting and useful projects for the country. This will be an opportunity to become familiar with the tools and processes used in industry, which are common to many developers but not widely used in academia.